Sephora VIB Sale 2014 – Holiday Picks

I couldn’t finish this post yesterday because Sephora was getting slammed so hard that you had to wait your turn to get in! Here is where I think your discount will come in handy. “Membership has its privileges”. Congratulations to you!

Limited Edition Items: Take advantage of limited edition items because this is the time of year when companies go all out and bring out the best. Limited editions sell out fast so don’t wait.

The Basis: Now is a good time to stock up on your everyday basics. We all know foundation is expensive, if you know your shade, grab it. You can stock up on your favorite lip products, fragrances, skin care, and eye products.

The High-End: Items that you could never pull the trigger to buy, but with a discount it becomes manageable.

Don’t forget the people in your life. They men’s grooming supplies, and fragrance. I love to give hand creams from the most coveted brands, a gift perfect for you aunties.  Young women love fun nail polish. There are plenty to choose from at all price points.


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