Seven Henrietta Street, A Film By Kinga Burza For Kate Spade New York

I wanted to post this as a tribute to Kate Spade. I absolutely loved her designs and I am a proud owner of 7 bags, shoes, jewelry and lipstick. I remember when I could finally afford my first bag. From then on, Kate Spade was pretty much the only brand I buy for handbags. Every one of them gets me compliments like crazy.

She retired from her company in 2006 to raise her daughter but her influence remained. Kate Spade brought back fun into fashion. Woman of all ages worn her designs and looked smashing. I hope Kate Spade New York will always remain true to her spirit.

I suppose in the weeks to come, we will learn more about her decision to end her life. Very sad for her family and friends. I read her sister stated she had lived with serve depression but did not seek help.

Depression and other forms of mental illness should not be ignored. There is no longer a stigma about getting help. Some people are stubborn and refuse to get help. Observe people around you closely. People who are suffering do so in private most of the times. Let people know you are there for them.

Lastly, I posted this video because it is my favorite out of all of them. I believe it captures the fun spirit of Kate Spade.

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