Sticking To What Works – Hairstyle And Color Makeover

My Hair After Keratin Treatment And Color

The above picture was me a few years ago. I was really happy with my hair back then, except for one thing, the length I wanted longer. Fast forward to today, My hair is a mess in every way. I am losing the battle with having that glorious mane I once had. This got me thinking that I need to go back to what works for me. Back then, I had the money to get a keratin treatment and color. Now I am struggling with a haircut. My hair has also changed. Due to illness and aging, my hair’s texture and color are not what they once were. In such a rapid time, I have gotten a lot of gray in the front which has me to the point of distress.

At first I tried to solve the problem myself. It was recommended to me that I should use “No Gray” mixed with my hair color. This did not work. In fact, it made my ends very dark and dull. I tried adding highlights and that did help blend them, but now I need to address the rest of my hair.

To make matters worse, I called to make an appointment with my stylist and found out he moved to Florida.

So feeling frustrated and a bit sad, I went to the salon to meet a new stylist. A relationship with your stylist is one of the most important relationships you have. For me, it is as important as the one you have with your doctor (I realize I am being a bit dramatic). My new stylist put me at ease and gave me great advice on how to fix my problem hair. First of all, he gave me a much needed trim.

The discussion turned to color and straighten treatments. Since I told him I couldn’t do salon treatments, I asked him what I could do to get better results. You know how stylists do not recommend box color? I ignored that advice for years because my hair had no issues with color, but now that I have a gray situation, he suggested salon color. I was one step ahead of him. I have already purchased a salon color but have yet to use it. He explained that salon color is meant to cover gray and is much more effective in doing so. So I am finally going to take this step.

He said the texture of my hair is changing due to the increased gray coverage and aging. A keratin treatment should help the situation but as you probably already know, a treatment cost hundreds of dollars. I did have a keratin treatment once and got it at a discount price (because of a stylist friend of mine). The treatment did amazing things for my hair. I wish I could get one now but for now I will have to de-frizz the old fashion way.

My hair makeover goals are the following:

Cover the gray with a salon color that is flattering to my complexion.
Grow my hair length to where I want it to be.
Do my best to de-fizz until I can get a keratin treatment.

As the weeks go by, I plan on documenting the progress and results.

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  • Alyssa

    I agree with you too. A relationship with your hairstylist is a must. So he or she’ll understand what works for you and it’s good that your a comfortable. Going to a new hairstylist is scary!

  • Behind the Mirror

    Couldn’t agree with you more, a relationship with your hair stylist is one of the most important relationships, especially if you are doing a lot of treatments and color. (Not to mention, once you have the relationship a lot of times you start to get some freebies, haha!)

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