Sweet Treats – Custom Chocolate Bar – Holiday Gifts 2015

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Dried Raspberry and Roasted Pistachio Chocomize Dark Chocolate Bar

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Oreo and Cookie Dough Chocomize White Chocolate Bar

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Bacon, Himalayan Sea Salt and Gold Flake Chocomize Dark Chocolate Bar

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Dried Strawberry, Cranberry and Raspberries Chocomize Dark Chocolate Bar

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Macadamia Nut, Coconut Flake and Banana Chip Chocomize White Chocolate Bar

A custom chocolate bar made with high quality ingredients makes the perfect gift for the chocolate lover. The candy bars above are a few of the many combinations you can create. These custom chocolate bars are from Chocomize, in New York City since 2009.

About The Company

[quote]Chocomize started with the goal of providing unique chocolate that is inspired and created by you. Chocolate is a very emotional product for a lot of people, however, the traditional chocolate shopping experience is rather boring. Chocomize set out to shake things up and let the consumers be a part of the product that they purchase. The unique chocolate customization interface let’s you choose from Premium Belgian dark, milk, or white chocolate and then add your favorite toppings from a selection of over 50 different nuts, fruits, & candy options. Our chocolate bars are handcrafted in New York City with fresh, high-quality ingredients and premium Fair Trade Belgian chocolate.

Chocomize launched in November 2009 and quickly attracted attention from media outlets such as: O! The Oprah Magazine, CNN, New York Times, The View, and many others.[/quote]

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Pretzel, Pop Rocks, Pepper, and Coffee Bean Chocomize Dark Chocolate Bar

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Banana Chip and Walnut Chocomize Dark Chocolate Bar

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I love dark chocolate and fruit or sometimes I crave something sweet and salty. Kids will love the Marshmallow and Graham Teddies Chocomize Milk Chocolate Bar. Adults will get a kick out of the Pretzel, Pop Rocks, Pepper, and Coffee Bean Chocomize Dark Chocolate Bar. 

About The Product

  • Made from the finest Belgian chocolate.
  • Fair Trade Certified.
  • Made in NYC.
  • The weight of our chocolate bars is 3.5 oz (100g) before we add the ingredients.
  • The dimensions are about 6 x 3.5 inches, which is the standard size for fine European chocolate bars.
  • Chocolate is best kept in a cool and dry environment.
  • Room temperature ranging from 60 to 75 degrees will keep the chocolate in excellent condition for maximum shelf life.
  • Caution: May contain traces of nuts and gluten.

There truly is something for everyone’s taste. Over 50 toppings to choose from and endless combinations. The packaging is perfect for gift giving and prices are starting around $6.50. Order early so you will have your custom chocolate bars in time for the holidays. You can order your custom chocolate bar here.

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