7 Things Of Interest This Week 11/13/15

*photo credit – Jeanine Marie Wow! This week has just flown by. It will be a working weekend for me. There is a lot of pre-holiday planning going on around here. Cold weather is here so I may have the first fire of the season. What do you have planned? Will you see a new […]


Life Returning Back To Normal Around Here


life returning back to normal around here and tipsĀ to help your cats adjust to change This day has been long in coming. The repairs from this winter’s busted pipe incident are finally done. I realize it could have been worse and we could have lost access to our entire house. Thankfully, it didn’t come down […]


Chit Chat – What Is Happening Now

A weird thing about me is that I tend to know what is going to happen before it happens. Now, while that sounds like a good thing, it actually isn’t in my opinion. Sometimes I even know the exact comments someone is going to makeĀ before it even gets out of their mouths. So when I […]

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