Eyelash And Eyebrow Experiment – The Results

I am at the end of my eyelash and eyebrows experience. After six weeks I can say my lashes are now longer, supple, and uplifted. I used a combination of┬ácastor oil and Latisse. Castor oil on its own helped. My eyelashes became softer, uplifted, longer and darker. The Latisse helped with growth. My eyebrows came […]


My Brow History and Benefit’s New Brow Collection

I started out in life with shapeless brows. My brows did not become important to me until my last years in high school. In the 1980s fell in love with the 1960s, and my style icon was Ann-Margret. Her eyebrows were perfect in my opinion. I loved everything about her style. I used her pictures […]

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