Try This Refreshing & Cleansing Tea

Try This Refreshing & Cleansing Tea – Give Your Diet A Jump Start I find myself inspired by the many diet and fitness photos I see on Instagram. The before and after photos are amazing and very inspiring. The one thing I find consistent with everyone on a weight loss and fitness journey is the […]


A Perfect Solution For My Sleep Issues Found – Review

Maxasorb Melatonin

A Perfect Solution For My Sleep Issues Found – Review In the past I have mentioned my sleep issues here. I have searched for something to help me get a good quality sleep and not make me drowsy. Lately I have had to get up several times a night due to “nature calling”. TMI, I […]

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Hyper Biotics Pro-Woman Review

hyperbiotics pro-woman

An excellent multi-purpose product for women I just love products that are multi-purpose. Especially when it comes to vitamins/supplements. It can cost you a small fortune to buy everything you need in one month. This is why when I discover a brand that offers me products that can be used for more than one thing, […]

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