Exciting News, Launches & Updates May 2016

There is no convenient time to get sick. I spent last week in bed with a cold/fever. I have no idea where I caught it and it makes me mad that I had to lose a week of work. This week I am playing catch up. I am starting three makeover projects this month. The […]


A Cocktail is Needed Now

This has been a trying week. There is not an another way to put it. It was full of surprises and disappointments. Today everything I have touched has FAILED. So I call it quits today. I am going to enjoy good movies, a snow storm and snuggling with my furbabies. Enjoy some cocktail music. It […]


Life Returning Back To Normal Around Here


life returning back to normal around here and tips┬áto help your cats adjust to change This day has been long in coming. The repairs from this winter’s busted pipe incident are finally done. I realize it could have been worse and we could have lost access to our entire house. Thankfully, it didn’t come down […]

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