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Over the years, I’ve been plagued with sleep issues. I wish I could say I knew exactly what the cause was but it constantly changes. It could be good old fashion stress/anxiety or hormones going wacky. Sometimes I indulge in caffeine too late in the day.

Today I am going to show you one of the ways I deal with my sleep issues using apps.

First I need to say that I am an iPhone user so my recommendations are for ISO only. I did briefly have an Android phone and the best app I found for Android is called, Lightning Bug. You can get the details on this amazing app here.

I have used apps for sleeping and relaxation for years now. I have bought, tried, and tested many. I would suggest you try a free version before downloading the paid version. I have found some apps to be very buggy, or I just didn’t like the sounds.

There are apps that specialize in certain sounds. For example, white noise. White noise can be the sound of a fan blowing, a dishwasher or the sound of being on an airplane.

There are apps that put you in a certain scene. Say you are a city person and the sound of nature or the ocean waves makes you uncomfortable. You can bring the sounds of a city with you to bed every night. Some people like the sounds of trains, planes and automobiles. Throw in some sirens and car alarms and you are set! Personally my favorite sounds are nature. I am lucky to live in the country but in the winter, you are not hearing much happening. I love waking up birds tweeting. At night, I love hearing crickets. One of my favorite sounds of all time is cat purrs. When my own cats are not with me, I love to play the purring app.

I am a big fan of meditation. When I started meditating, I took a class that was a guided meditation experience. The instructor has a smooth, calming voice and she led the class into their journey. There were some sessions where she played relaxing “spa” music or kinds of chants. I loved the native american chants.

What I look for in any sound app is the ability to customize the sounds. I think listening to the sound of a grandfather clock would drive me insane but throw in some cats purrs and a crackling fire and I could relax.

Another I look for is a timer. Most apps have timers that let you decided how long you want to play a sound . Some apps have lovely images to go along with your sounds or clock options. Personally I just want to sleep so I do not turn on the images.

Here are a list of apps I am using or have used in the past. There are probably hundreds of apps out there so if you have questions about a particular app, please ask. The chances are that I have tried it.

White Noise Ambience – logicworks

This app is a good one if you want a variety of sounds. They have white noise and nature sounds to choose from. There is a free and paid version of this app.

iSleep Easy Free – Meditations for Restful Sleep – Meditation Oasis

This app offers guided meditations and music/nature sounds. I am using the free version and it suits my needs for now.

Fireplace HD+ – Rory Buckley

This app is one I love playing in the winter. It has a beautiful video clip of a roaring fire. You can choose to listen to just the fireplace or add music to the background.

White Noise Ambience Seasons Lite – logicworks

If you love nature sounds, this breaks them down by season. You can customize your playlist to give you a variety of sounds.

Sleep Urban Sounds – Yappy, LLC

This app is for those of you who love the city sounds. I enjoy it occasionally when I want to transport myself to a city!

I hope you found this helpful. Please let me know your favorite sleep apps.

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