Get Vintage Inspired Lips – Besame Cosmetics

27th May 2015

Bésame Red 1920 – true red with a cooler, blue-toned base Besame Cosmetics Classic Color Lipsticks Besame Red 1920 0.12 oz American Beauty 1945 – cool berry red  Besame Cosmetics...

Bring Out Your Inner Mid-Century Housewife

01st Mar 2014

I have always said I was a mid-century housewife living in the modern world. I love our modern day conveniences, but there something about mid-century kitchens that has always grabbed my attention....

Independent Designer – Mrs Pomeranz – Vintage Inspired Dresses

21st Feb 2014

RACHEL RACHEL MIA These beautiful cotton dresses are made from Liberty Of London fabric. I was completly blown away when I first saw these dresses. There are more styles available...

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