The Perfect Personalized Gift

This time of year, I start thinking of the holiday. Yes, the holidays in July. Every year I put pressure on my self to find the perfect gift. The problem is I always wait until the last-minute. This year I am starting early. I found the perfect gift you can have personalized for anyone in your life.

I do most of my writing online but I still like to use a notebook to jot down things. I have noticed that stationary, journals and notebooks have become very expensive. I couldn’t be one of those people who is dedicated to Keeping a journal in a fancy journal. Journals and all the accessories cost more time and money than I want to spend.

I could go to the dollar store and pick up some notepads but I do want something fashionable. Thankfully, I found a place that carries thousands of styles for under $20. I also love that you can personalize the notebooks. I can think of so many occasions were a personalized notebook would make a perfect gift. For example:

Travel Journal
Fitness Journal

Right now you can get an extra 15% off any journal or sign up for a newsletter and get discount on your first order. I chose some summer themes but they have thousands to choose from.

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