The Star Wars Collection From Sperry

Inspired by the film, the Star Wars Collection From Sperry features five footwear styles that highlight the original trilogy and its characters.

Styles in this new collection include:

  • Cloud S/O McQuarrie – exclusive style on Sperry.com and at Sperry retail stores
  • Cloud S/O Droids
  • Cloud S/O Hans Chewie
  • Cloud CVO Rebel Pilot
  • Cloud CVO Death Star

In a celebration of history and heritage, this Sperry exclusive showcases pre-production artwork from Ralph McQuarrie, who created the original storyboards for Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. Available only from Sperry, these shoes pay homage to the many talented artists who brought George Lucas’ vision to life.

I am really impressed how these sneakers turned out. The art work is excellent and Sperry’s craftsmanship is always top-notch. Would you picture of a pair of sneakers from the Star Wars Collection from Sperry?


Join C-3POTM and R2-D2TM on a journey that would turn these bumbling droids into a pair of unlikely heroes.


X-WingTM Pilots vs Stormtroopers. Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader. Good vs evil. The ultimate battle of the universe comes to life in this new collaboration with Sperry. 


Climb aboard the Millennium Falcon with the most famous smugglers in the galaxy.


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