Think Pink – Finding The Perfect Shade Of Pink Lipstick

Pink is a color I have embraced lately. It is not a color that is easy for me to pull off because of my warm-toned complexion. Most pinks fall into the cool category so finding a warm shade can be tricky. Thankfully coral shades have made a comeback in recent years. I love it because it has that retro vibe.

In the past year, I have made plenty of mistakes when picking pinks. They will read “warm” only to find them to read cool.

I came across a brand called Pink Holiday and was delighted that they specialize in only pink. They have 25 shades of pink to choose from and a correct description is given for each color. The color range features baby pinks, corals, even plums.

[quote]Pink Holiday offers a line of lipsticks in every shade of pink imaginable, from soft and neutral to bold and electric. Created with a top Italian-based lipstick formulator, Pink Holiday utilizes a gellified system to create a luxe, smooth formula in universally flattering shades of pink, ideal for women of all ages and skin tones.[/quote]

I will post an update as soon as I receive my lipstick. The issue I am having is trying to pick a shade!

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