Tips For Makeuping – What I Have Learned

Three years ago I made a decision to pare down on my makeup collection. My goal was to put everything in one drawer. I had makeup all over the place. In baskets, in boxes and everywhere in between. So I started to throw out stuff that was old, and stuff that didn’t work out for me. I made my goal of fitting my collection  into one drawer. Now it is time to start again.

I rarely bought eye shadow palettes because if I do not like the other colors it’s a waste. Then came the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I love the palette because it is warm toned and the quality is excellent. Then came more palettes. More Naked Palettes, Lorac Skinny Nude Palette and so on.

I went on a  NO BUY but caved when Too Faced came out with their chocolate palettes.

Now I find my drawer is full again. Time to do a spring cleaning.

Here is what I have learned along the way:

Wait for the reviews to come out before jumping on the bandwagon. I would trust the reviews from consumers. I find other makeup lovers are truthful about reviews.

I do highly recommend reviews from Temptalia, She does complete reviews with swatches, dupes, and wear-time. She is very professional and honest. She always discloses if she has been sent products.

Return products that do not suit you. Do it right away or else you not get your money back.

Because I do not wear mascara every day I like to use the travel mascara. Sephora points come in handy.

Write the expiration date on a sticker to remind you when you should throw it away. to help you figure out when you should throw it away. 

When you buy something, throw away something away. This will  keep your collection from getting out of hand. The same thing goes for samples.

Get yourself color matched. I have ended up with the wrong foundation color because I took a chance online instead of in person.

Do not buy makeup from Ebay unless it has not been opened and less than a year old. I made a huge mistake buying mascara and ended up with pink eye on Christmas Morning.

I hope you find my tips helpful. Tell me how you organize your makeup collection


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