Tips For Renewing Your Looks – Tackling Aging

I was going through pictures from the past 15 years and made the following observations:

My hair was a lot thicker, shiny and full

My teeth were whiter

My lips were plump

Longer lashes

Now I look tired all the time. My teeth are yellowing, and my hair is dull and dry. For the past month, I have tackled these problems.  I will share with you what is working for me.

Healthy Hair

In December, I cut my hair. It was all the down to my bottom. It was not my intention to let it grow that long. I was trying to grow out the damage I did by doing my own highlights.  After my hair cut, my hair looked instantly looked healthier. I cut my hair to my shoulders. It’s not a length I am crazy about but it will grow.

I have recently been dealing with hair loss that left me with a bald spot. I do not know if it is related to my PCOS or just aging. (I have a whole post about what I have done about it here). Weekly oil treatments have given me shiny hair. I use argan oil on my coarse hair. My hair loves it. I recently discovered . I had no idea what a difference it can it can make.

Whiter Teeth

Oil pulling has changed my life. I use coconut oil. After one use, my teeth were noticeably whiter. I oil pull 2-3 a week. My mouth feels really clean. My gums are happy. This video explains how to do it and the benefits. I really like Dr. Axe. I have learned so much from his videos. He’s up on the latest trends in health care and lets you know what is legit.


Skin Issues

I was blessed with full lips. Pouty lips are “in” right now. Sadly, too many women overdo it with the fillers. I do not want to look like someone with inflatable lips. I do want to get my lips “done” only because my top lip is becoming thinner. Since I do not have the money for the upkeep, this is what I have done about my lips. Keeping my body hydrated has made a big difference. Yes, drinking water will plump up the skin. I also take a Phytoceramides. This is one of my holy grail products. It is like a facelift in a pill. I use the derived of wheat version. Gluten-free phytoceramide versions are available. You still will need to drink the daily requirement of water.

[quote]Phytoceramides are a plant delivered formula with added Vitamin A, C, D and E for Maximum Results. Contains researched dosages of active ingredient ceramides that delivers 350 mg of Phytoceramides deep into the cells where your body needs it. Cutting edge face, hair & skin care hydration renew technology complex that is available today. [/quote]

I started doing lymphatic drainage massage.  It has made a big difference in my eye area and contours of my face. The best thing is that it doesn’t take long and you do not need to buy anything special to get the results. You can use a light facial oil or cream to give you some slip. Because I sleep on my side, the fluids collect around my eyes. Puffy lids are typical for me. A  good eye cream and lymphatic drainage massage helps me look more awake. Here is an excellent video that explains what it does and the proper way to do it.


Colorful Makeover For A Youthful Look

I am a lover of neutral makeup. I think it is most flattering over a heavy eyeliner and dark lips. This past year I have strayed a bit from my neutral palette and embraced color. The rule is to wear color on the feature you want to highlight. You can highlight your eyes, lips or cheeks. Not all at once because it is overwhelming and you will look like a circus clown. I have to say that wearing color has made a big difference. I look more vibrant and younger. I love wearing cobalt blue eyeliner with a nude pink lip. I like wearing a neutral eye with pinky peach cheeks. The bold lip has been the hardest for me to embrace. Bright lips really light up your face.  My thinning lips look best with light colors. I can wear orange lips and I am on a mission to find a perfect pink. 


Lush Lashes

My eyelashes were once long and lush. Aging has made them sparse, dry and brittle. A few years ago, I was using the prescription medication, Latisse. My lashes grew back long and lush. The high price tag has kept me from continuing. I have used over the counter lash growth serum with little results. These serums burned my eyes. After money wasted, I just gave up on my lashes. Then I found a natural formula. Eyelash Growth Serum 10ML Best Lash Enhancing Treatment for Longer, Fuller Eyelashes & Thicker Brows – With Pentapeptide-17 & Hyaluronic Acid – Clinically Proven SymPeptide XLash Formula has helped my lashes feel supple, lifted and longer. Not the same results as Latisse but good results for a natural product.

This post is part of a series. I plan on tackling other issues and will share my results in the future.


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