Two Classic Movies You Must Watch This Weekend

I am not a big fan of the horror genre. I prefered a movie that gets into the mind. A movie that is scary without blood and guts. My favorite scary movie is the 1968 classic  based on the bestselling by Ira Levin. I do not want give away the plot but I do want to say the scenery (New York) is very stylish. It stars my favorite actress, Mia Farrow and is directed by Roman Polanski. Check out the trailer. Let me know what you think this film and what is your favorite scary movie.


Mad Monster Party is a favorite from my childhood. Made 1967 it was dated when I watched it in the 70s but it is fun to revisit it from time to time. The kids of today would not get the references or know who Boris Karloff is but they will enjoy any it anyway.


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