Vintage Inspired Red Lips – Modern Day Glamour

When I was a child, I was fascinated by makeup. I was born too late to really enjoy the red lips and vintage gold cases. My mom was sporting the 1970’s frosted blue and green eye shadow and the pale lips. Still I loved playing with her Maybelline cosmetics.

Today you can very easily get yourself a vintage inspired look with modern cosmetics but there is something missing. I feel the luxury is gone. Not to fear, I have found some alternatives to help you get the look.

is a brand I have used for years now. My favorite lipstick is a shade called inspired by the 1920s. Not only is the case beautiful, it has some weight to it. A sign of a quality product. I can successfully wear this lipstick for a good part of the day before I need to reapply. lipsticks come in a variety of red shades. Each shade represents a year in the past and you will learn what inspired that shade. They also carry powers, perfume, and other vintage inspired products.

, , and are the modern-day version of the vintage inspired red lipsticks. The cases say luxury and formulas are some of the best out there. I have included the best reds I could find. Yves Saint Laurent is a brand I like to splurge on. I love their color choice and formulas.

The newest brand in the vintage luxury game is They started out with nail polishes and now have moved into lipsticks. These lipsticks are a real “splurge”. The cases are really inspired by the glamor of the past. These lipsticks are not meant to sit in a drawer or the bottom of your purse. They belong on your vanity. They come in a variety of shades and textures.

Let me know what your favorite vintage luxury lipstick is.

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