Winter Brights – Wearing Color – Life Makeover Series

One of my goals this year is to wear more color. When you are getting older, they say less is more but you are left with a very dull look without some color. I have always wanted to wear the matte pink lip and cobalt blue eye. The problem I have had in the past is trying to find a pink that doesn’t read too cool toned and a formula that doesn’t try your lips out. Matte lips does not look good on a pair of older lips!

For the cobalt eye, I chose an eyeliner instead of an eyeshadow. I am very pleased with the look. It is certainly not as hard as black and is flattering to my eye color.

Below are some products I intend on trying in person. I already have the eyeliner, it is the pink I need to nail down.

Are you changing your makeup colors this season? What look are you wanting to try?

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