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Penelope was still a kitten in this picture. She will be six this year. I can’t believe how time flies and how much I love her furry face. Two years ago we adopted Simon and I love him too. This weekend or rather today, is supposed to be about love. I will be spending the night with these two turkeys.

Living out in the “country” has its advantages. I love my view of the woods. Especially with the white snow flooding light into the house. Whenever I get down, I remind myself of the places I have lived before. The lovely views of parking lots, loud-mouth people and ugly cars. I will take the peace and quiet of the country.

The winter time brings out my inner mid-century homemaker. I want to cook delicious pots of soups and maybe even bake some muffins to go with it. I enjoy reading by the fire, listening to relaxing music or catching up on some vintage movies.

Winter style. The stores and online retailers are pushing spring but in 19 degree weather, I am wearing my favorite sweatshirt and jeans at the moment. I plan on slipping into something warm and made of fleece. I am wearing no makeup. Winter is a time I really pamper my skin with a moisture masks for my face and hands.

Winter can be a drag but you can really turn it around with a positive outlook. If you live in area that gets hit hard by winter, Being prepared ahead of time will give you some peace of mind.

Enjoy your weekend. Make the most of it and be kind to yourself.





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